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"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."
- Nikola Tesla

What is Healy



Healy - The next evolution in Health, Wealth, Healing, and Biohacking!

Healy is a revolutionary holistic wellness device that supports your whole consciousness as well as your body's bioenergetic field towards healing and optimum health.


Yes, you heard right!


Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies. Now, this device is available for you in a wearable, portable, and easy-to-use form.

I guess you know who Nikola Tesla is. He said:


If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of frequency, vibration, and energy.

The Healy technology is based on the fact that everything in the universe consists of vibration, frequency, and energy. Healy´s advanced technology scans and detects what in your consciousness is out of balance; mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually and gives you the solution on how to get back into balance.

Imagine waking up in the morning tired, in lack of a good night's sleep. You struggle with brain fog, you are low on energy and miss the days where you felt inspired. You have lost connection with yourself and you even have chronic pain that you can't get rid of.

What if you had something that could heal all of this and not only that…. - a device that could detect the root cause of it all and create lasting changes. Even better, you get back to your inspiration, feel a great flow in your life and suddenly you live the life of your dreams!

Too good to be true?

Yes a lot of people say that…. - but in reality we have hundreds of thousands of testimonials that can prove the positive effect Healy has on people's health and well being.

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So how does this Healy Device work?

Healy has a quantum reader and scanner that instantly shows you what's out of balance and then provides you with the frequencies you are lacking to be in your truest harmony mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually!

Healy also customizes specific frequencies to realign your cellular blueprint, so that you get back into your bioenergetic harmony for optimal health. This technology is based on the science of quantum physics.

Healy delivers 144 000 frequencies, spread over 127 programs to assist you in all areas of your health and wellbeing. These frequencies activate the body's natural healing mechanisms.


  • Strengthen the Immune System by Activating the Cell Potential that Heals the Body

  • Release all Types of Stress

  • Upgrade Sleep

  • Hormonal Balance

  • Increase Energy

  • Release Chronic Pain

  • Neutralize any Mental Imbalances

  • Release Emotional Pain and Traumas

  • Activate Positive Feelings

  • Promotes Focus and Concentration

  • Create Clarity

  • Accelerate Learning and Memory

  • Leverage Performance

  • Strengthen the Physical Body through Fitness Programs

  • Remove Toxins and Detox the Body

  • Creating Great Energy Flow in Meridians

  • Strengthening the Organs in the Body

  • Beauty - Anti-Aging

  • Balance the Chakras

  • Creates Coherence in Body, Mind, Heart and Soul

  • Promote Inner Peace

  • Heart Activation

  • Increase Your Creative flow

  • Accelerate Abundance….and these are only a few of the areas in your life that Healy can enhance!

As you see, there’s a good reason why we say that Healy is the next evolution of

health, wealth, healing, wellness, and biohacking.

Actually, Healy is the next REVOLUTION!

Disclaimer: Although scientific research is the foundation of Healy's technology, its links to health and well-being have not been thoroughly studied or demonstrated. Healy is not intended to treat, relieve, diagnose or prevent disease. But it is promoting energy balance and increasing efficiency in body rejuvenation, Vitality, and well-being.



As you understand, Healy is a lifestyle health device. Shortly explained, it's a tool to quickly neutralize negative vibrations, raise your frequency, and accelerate the feeling of well-being and happiness.

It's fantastic to finally live in a time where we can have a portable device that can scan, analyze and enhance your frequency. This stimulates the original blueprint of the cells in the body and optimizes the cell function.

This is for sure creating a world with empowered human beings that live at their highest potential. Healy is like having a quantum therapist in your pocket that brings your cell membrane tension back to optimum levels and creates health and radiant vitality, anytime and anywhere! This tiny device has more than 127 different frequency programs that enhance your ability to face and heal all the challenges in your everyday life.


There has never been a time in history where more money has been spent on healthcare and at the same time more people than ever before suffer needlessly. There is a reason why Steve Jobs and Elon Musk have both predicted that “Wearable Health Technology” will be one of the hottest mega-billion dollar trends. The world needs a new way of healing, that's for sure and we are so happy to introduce this Healy Device to humanity.

Healy is a cutting-edge healing product that merges technology and science with healing and biohacking. Healy is created by a group of highly dedicated doctors, scientists, engineers and pioneers that all have a mission to heal and uplift humanity.




Cells are the smallest basic unit of every organ in your body. You have about 70 trillion cells in your body! That number is 14,000 times greater than the total population on this planet!

To keep a healthy and vital body, we need healthy functional cells. Healthy cell membranes have an approximate value of -70 millivolts (mV). This describes that the electric potential in the cell is high. At this voltage the cells can easily operate from their highest potential of detoxing, producing energy, balancing metabolism, regeneration and more....

On the other hand, if the electric potential decreases in the cell, the space in the cell become too small. This lower electric potential in the cell, causes the internal metabolic processes to malfunction. So a lower cell membrane voltage actually creates disease. This is one of the reasons for health problems.

To be able to create more healthy cells, we need to understand the importance of carrying electricity into the body. Microcurrent treatment carries electricity into the body and therefore has the ability to return the cell back to a healthy level of -70mV.


Healy has been such a gift in my life. My first meeting with Healy was when I was living in Bali and got my Dengue Fever. This is a mosquito bite that can cause severe damage to the body and most people spend 1 to 6 months to heal properly from this. Thanks to Healy it took me about a week to be back on my feet again. I also cured my urinary tract infection in 2 hours. I will also mention how grateful I am to have my Healy in my everyday life to align faster with my potential, live from the heart and manifest my purpose. Love how Healy can guide me so smoothly through life and help me to stay in my great flow state to create and manifest what I dream of.

Samaya Behrens




Wavy 3D Net


The result of 5 years of profound development, Healy is a Frequency BioHacking Device that everyone can use no matter age or background. We are so happy to introduce Healy as a small, inexpensive, and very easy tool to use to heal and regenerate humanity!


Healy is a wearable lifestyle device that sends frequency waves to recharge your body through different types of electrodes. Healy has wristbands, ear clips, or attached electrodes for different use. You can attach Healy to your clothes using its clip, and it is controlled by a smartphone app that you can download. The app communicates with Healy via a Bluetooth connection as it transfers the programs, but Bluetooth can be turned off while the program is running! This means you don’t have to carry any extra equipment because you already have all the program apps on your mobile phone.

Wavy 3D Net


As you can see on this scale, when you have a high Cell Membrane Potential of -70millivolts you have young and healthy cells. And when you have a low cell membrane potential, of e.g -15mV you have Tumor Cells.

How Healy works, is based on Becker and Nordenstorm’s theory that “Diseases and disorders of the body are caused by an unnatural decrease of electric potential in the cell membrane.”

That’s why Healy works with microcurrent and frequency applications that can increase and optimize the Cell Membrane Potential.



We all know that we are exposed to a lot of chemicals from the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the clothes we wear… - and we can go on and on!

We live in a society with more stress than ever before and the pandemic didn’t make it easier.

It's scientifically proven that long-term stress degenerates the genes and creates disease. So the importance of having a FREQUENCY DEVICE that can neutralize stress, boost your immune system and optimize the cell membrane is crucial.

Buy a Healy Device


The beauty of Healy is that it assigns electrical frequencies in the same language the cells communicate with. This communication works like a key to open body functions towards healing. In other words, these electrical frequencies are optimizing cell metabolism, cell division and activate gene expression.

A healthy gene expression is important in the process of improving the energy production of cells (ATP synthesis) and protein synthesis. This process happens when the right frequency waves are transmitted and turn on the gene expression. Healy is providing the frequencies to activate these mechanisms and create health.

Dr. Joe Dispenza has proven through his studies that “feeling good” is one factor that activates the gene expression that is healing the body in many different ways. Healy has a lot of feel-good programs and therefore works on many profound health conditions. So we can then say that what you think, what you feel, and how you react to the environment influences the function of the cells! Healthy cells make healthy organs, healthy organs make healthy people, healthy people make a healthy world.



When you live an active life and want to impact the world, it requires potent energy and uplifted focus. Healy will provide the frequencies you need to keep up the great flow that will help you manifest what you want in your life.

How would it be if Healy could create more harmony in your family, more trust and intimacy in your relationships, better access to energy and flow at work, more happy and uplifting free time and best of all guide you into your heart and true purpose!



Health and wellness is about living fulfilled at your highest potential, radiating your true authentic self. In this state you are in total flow with your core being, you as divine love and that frequency is what creates healing.

The revolutionary Healy Device makes this possible because it has all aspects of your well-being covered through more than 127 different programs in the 2 connected apps.

It has never in history been easier to gain healing and create a happy and healthy life! Finally, technology and science have made it possible to carry with you a small portable therapist in your pocket!

Best of all you have the opportunity to be a part of this amazing Healy community with a vision to share healing and wellness with humankind.



> Click the pictures to see the different program <

Above are the main programs, but there are a lot more Healy programs to buy as well.

Here are some of the extra program packages that you can buy.

The MagHealy For Harmony

in Your Environment

MagHealy is a revolutionary innovation tool for magnetic field applications from Healy World! You can take it anywhere and use it anytime. MagHealy helps you harmonize your environment by emitting a magnetic field.

Energize your body, your environment and your drinking water.


Intuitive to use

MagHealy is a smart device without cables. It’s lightweight, travel-friendly, and is designed to enhance your

wellbeing through the MagHealy mobile app.

Double power

Dual magnetic frequencies allow a targeted harmonization in the Bioenergetic Field which make it even

stronger than the Healy.

One device, four innovations

MagHealy has four unique and powerful applications for the support in many situations.

Possible support also for animals or plants

Pets and plants can also enjoy the MagHealy applications.

Possible support also for animals or plants

Pets and plants can also enjoy the MagHealy applications.

The Power of Four – the Applications at a Glance:

The MagHealy is based on the principles of magnetic field application combined with the Healy technology and offers you four different types of applications in a single device:

Screen Shot 2022-11-07 at 7.33.26 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-11-07 at 7.33.31 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-11-07 at 7.33.36 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-11-07 at 7.33.41 PM.png

The first application is called "Classic" and offers the effect of magnetic field applications, which are suitable for many situations and help you relax and invigorate your environment.

The second application "Atmosphere" emits Quantum Analyzed Frequencies (QAF)* for harmonization of the Bioenergetic Field through an extended magnetic field into the surrounding space.

The third application "Water" serves to inform drinking water. Drinking enough water every day increases your wellbeing, supported by MagHealy.

The fourth application is based on the 25 years of experience of the American frequency expert Carolyn McMakin D.C. . She is the pioneer in the application of frequency pairs. The first frequency of each frequency pair defines the nature of the application; the second frequency controls the target to be addressed in the Bioenergetic Field. Use the Power of Four to harmonize the Bioenergetic Field of your environment.

*This is not a term from science and is not based on a concrete mode of action. It uses the data from a physical noise source to assign a priority to frequencies that we believe have the highest relevance for the user.






Marcus Schmieke was born in 1966.

He is the founder of the IACR Institute, the ECR Institute and the author of 25 books. He also lectures at integrative congresses all over the world on Integrative Science and Medicine.

He is the inventor of the Quantum Sensor and developer of both Healy and TimeWaver. During his physics and philosophy studies, he decided to explore the interaction between matter and consciousness.

After living 13 years as a monk, Marcus received a beautiful vision of assisting humanity with the TimeWaver Technology. His dream was to make his technology accessible to humanity and help 100 million families all over the world. In a joint venture, he created the Healy Device so small, effective, and easy to use that everyone can reap its benefits.

Healy is a high-quality product developed and manufactured in Germany by the founder Markus Schmieke and his engineering team. The products meet or exceed all necessary quality and safety requirements. Healy GmbH received ISO certification for the production of electrical stimulation devices.



Marcus Schmieke was born in 1966.

He is the founder of the IACR Institute, the ECR Institute and the author of 25 books. He also lectures at integrative congresses all over the world on Integrative Science and Medicine.

He is the inventor of the Quantum Sensor and developer of both Healy and TimeWaver. During his physics and philosophy studies, he decided to explore the interaction between matter and consciousness.

After living 13 years as a monk, Marcus received a beautiful vision of assisting humanity with the TimeWaver Technology. His dream was to make his technology accessible to humanity and help 100 million families all over the world. In a joint venture, he created the Healy Device so small, effective, and easy to use that everyone can reap its benefits.

Healy is a high-quality product developed and manufactured in Germany by the founder Markus Schmieke and his engineering team. The products meet or exceed all necessary quality and safety requirements. Healy GmbH received ISO certification for the production of electrical stimulation devices.


Nuno Nina is one of the world's leading specialists in the branch of Integrative Medicine and cell biology. He is Portuguese and the head of several clinics in Portugal and many other rehabilitation centers around the world. Initially, his areas of expertise were mathematics, systems engineering, and biochemistry.

Together with many medical experts and therapists, he has been taking care of patients all over the world for many years, including several presidents and many famous athletes.

Nuno Nina was born with the ability to sense frequencies. Through his lifelong research and through working with thousands of clients, he has compiled the findings into a collection of 144,000 Gold Frequencies.

When he contacted Markus Schmieke, he immediately suggested combining Markus’s quantum reader with his 144 000 frequencies to create a revolutionary device that the world has never seen before.


Christian Halper


Christian Halper is a successful entrepreneur, founder of the SUPERFUND hedge fund and developer of a software system for the technical analysis of financial data. He had huge success through that and started to devote himself to sustainable and healthy lifestyles. Today he only invests in sustainable technologies and vegan/vegetarian nutritional concepts for the greater good of the planet.

Christian is deeply into holistic thinking and living. He brings his great entrepreneurial sense into harmony with his intuition, spirituality and astrology as well as with charitable initiatives like the ECR-Institute, founded by Marcus Schmieke. Christian is the co-owner of TimeWaver and today he is the main investor of Healy Frequency Device.



Healy Product Price Image.png

Healy Experience


Learn more about Healy!

Check out this short video with our Top Leaders in Healy Taryn & Max. 

Here they will explain the Fundamentals of Healy.


Register for a Healy Presentation

Join the 60 minutes presentation of Healy which include:

  1. 20 minutes presentation of Healy

  2. 20 minutes Q&A

  3. 20 minutes short Healy business opportunity talk

Sign up for a list to join a webinar. We will contact you via email for the webinar schedule


Short Information Call

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Remote Session

If you want to get a small taste of what Healy can do for you, Book a Healy Remote Session here




Healy is not only your companion on the way to more well-being, but it can also change your life from a professional point of view. As a Healy World Member you can build an attractive extra income as well as a long-term passive income.

The last year of the pandemic has made us all realize that something has to change in this world. However, if we want a change, we all have to become the change we wish to see in the world.

If you want to feel EMPOWERED, manifest from PURPOSE, and create more ABUNDANCE in your life, you first of all need a strong and healthy body, mind and spirit. The next step is to becoming economically free and Healy is the best cutting-edge product and a vehicle that can manifest your dreams.

Imagine that you were an early investor in Apple or Tesla?

If you invest in Healy, it enables you to jump on a similar ROCKETSHIP! The rocket is just about to take off and gain full speed into MOMENTUM!

Did you know that global analysts predict that there is ONE emerging biotech company in Europe that is best positioned to be the next worldwide giant....

And guess what! That is Healy


This HEALY Device Merges Science, AI Technology, Health and Spirituality. It is the Next Evolution of Healing, Wellness and Biohacking 5.0 built on a proven foundation, Healy’s cutting-edge product has a quantum reader that can scan your whole being and find what is out of balance.

The 127 targeted programs spanning over 144,000 frequencies will enhance every area of your life. It can positively impact and meet the needs of everyone that suffer from various health issues like chronic pain, migraine, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression and more...

Steve Jobs and Elon Musk have both predicted that “Wearable Health Technology” will be one of the hottest mega-billion dollar trends. It will take at least 5 years for any competitor to even come close, giving us a 5-year advantage. By that time Healy will already have seized the largest share of the global market.

Healy will continue to be the innovator! As their initial product offering is just the beginning of an avalanche of life-changing biotech products.

We for sure want to be a part of this momentum!

Healy ending background.png



Do you want to be a part of our conscious uplifting community that is working for the greater good of the planet… - then this is for you!


Are YOU ready to take a quantum leap to Leverage and Manifest Great Opportunities and Flow of Abundance?


We are looking for:

  • A-players

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Networkers

  • Conscious Leaders

  • Health Hackers

  • Personal Development Lovers

  • Bio Hackers

  • Spiritual Healers

  • Coaches

  • Teachers

  • Online Workers

  • Freedom Lovers

  • Abundance Seekers

  • Wellness Warriors

  • People seeking new projects

  • For those who want to contribute for the Greater Good of the Planet


Maybe you want to buy your Healy as a healing tool in your life, or maybe you want to work with Healy as a part of your business!? Either way, it is important to know who you buy Healy from. You are not only choosing the device. You are choosing your upline with their knowledge and wisdom, their systems and structure, their energy and their ability to give you what you need to get started, as well as inspire you to become successful in this business.

The COVER PHOTO (5).png

Why choose to sign up with me?

I am the main creator of the iWakening Healy Team and I created a team with more than 900 people in 14 months. My team, including my upline Sarah Balckah´s team, is a team of powerful, conscious uplifting leaders. We all have a joint vision and mission to help everyone in our team to succeed with Healy in the way they wish for.

The top leaders of the iWakening Healy Team have extensive backgrounds in vibrational medicine, frequency therapy, holistic health and leadership. This knowledge will be available for those that want to go deeper into the therapeutic aspects of Healy.

The iWakening Healy Team has created a structure and a platform to assist you to maximize your ability to learn about Healy as a profound vehicle to create your own successful business if that is your goal. These are some of the things that will be available for you:

  • Access to World-Class Leadership Team

  • Plug & Play - Start Up Platform

  • 88-day Mentorship

  • Personalized sales webpage

  • Leadership Training

  • Healy Coaching Training

  • Weekly Webinars

  • Weekly educational Team Calls

  • Weekly Q&A

  • Community Platforms




I guess it's time to share a little bit about myself for you to know if you want to join my team!

I have been on a long journey to find the secrets of the universe that could accelerate my fullest potential and manifest my highest purpose. I have been heart-driven with a deep longing for profound tools that can improve the quality of life and serve the greater good of the planet.

I have been a true spiritual globetrotter my whole life and through this journey, I found my spiritual teacher. I studied with him for 17 years and I am trained to master the art of Vibrational Medicine, Holistic Healing, and Deep Transformational Work. Through this training, I developed the ability to access people's energy fields, erase their inner blocks and raise their vibrations towards their fullest potential and highest purpose.

For the last 20 years, I have worked as a Therapist in Vibrational Medicine and Frequency Therapy and helped people from all over the world to transform into a healthy, happy, and fulfilled life in abundance and freedom. I facilitate Leadership Trainings to empower entrepreneurs that can make a difference in this world as well as I facilitate numerous iWakening deep transformational retreats/bootcamps.

TODAY I combine the POWER of the HEALY Frequency Device with all the modalities I apply on my iWakening retreats and bootcamps to help people to live from their hearts and the greatness within.

I believe Healy is the next REVOLUTION of Health and Healing on the planet! I am so proud of being a part of this conscious community that works for the greater good of the planet and I do everything in my power to spread this Healy Device to the world. I hope you would like to be a part of my team and learn how to elevate your life on all levels and creates the successes you have always dreamt of!


Talk or Meet with Us

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